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Dear fellow UAE compatriots

Dear fellow UAE compatriots, how are you?

I greet Ryu Je-seung, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the UAE.

Greetings to the Korean residents who attended the meeting with overseas Koreans and staff at Barakah Nuclear Power Plant on the occasion of President Seok-Yeol Yoon's visit to the UAE at the beginning of the New Year 2023.

I had a chance to give it to you, but I couldn't say hello to all of you. I wish you more peace this year and achieve your will.

The thoughts and actions of all Koreans who live or travel here in the UAE are the driving force behind the development of both countries. My embassy members and I will spare no effort to protect the safety and interests of Korean residents, and to encourage and support the roles of our students, businessmen, and expatriates.

Our Yoon Seok-yeol administration seeks to establish a safe and strong social safety net for the Korean community abroad, strengthen ties with the motherland, and strengthen overseas Korean networks by region, field, and generation. In order to systematically support the activities of overseas Koreans, including the UAE, we are promoting the enactment of the Framework Act on Overseas Koreans and the establishment of an Overseas Koreans Office.

My embassy family members and I promise to always live and work together with our compatriots in the UAE, and we will have a chance to greet you again.

Thank you from the heart.

Ryu Jeseung, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the UAE


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