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David Truner Appointed to the International Schools Advisory Board

In a recent post, I told the story of how I met Patrick Hayes at a BMI GlobalEd (BMI) event last year in Dubai: the discussion was electrifying. It was clear from the onset that a very passionate colleague was determined to bring forth the considerable knowledge, experience and resources he shares with Times Higher Education (THE); the idea, as it was explained, would be to use the same considerable wealth to serve schools, school counselors and their communities: counselors, it was reckoned, were the ideal vanguards to serve this purpose. This vision, it would seem, served as the genesis for the group. Another contributing factor to the group’s inception is the recent merger of two juggernauts: THE and BMI. With this merger the group is certainly more salubrious with the inclusion of Samir Zaveri and his global outreach. Samir has been a staunch advocate for the International Schools Advisory Board. Indeed, his infectious enthusiasm, years of community service and lively engagement have aided not only with guiding member selection, but also with determining the founding structures and natural starting points for member engagement. With his own wealth of experience and international presence, Samir continues to assist educational communities by providing/promoting quality networks and collaboration amongst counselors and our admissions colleagues: fundamentals to advance best fit practices, community understanding and well-being. Lastly, as a board member, I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about working with some of the best in our industry; Phillip Wenturine,Christina McDade, Amanda Jewell, Carmen Page and Buket A. are, like many of us, truly committed to both community and craft: I am a fortunate soul to be in such an orbit! Rebecca Evans, Jeffrey Neill, Ed.D., Marsha Oshima, Joe Tavares, Ed.D. and Myriam Polo de Molina also share a richness of experience and service. Collectively we are all poised to both create/promote content and structures to guide international students from high school to college and career. Samir, Patrick, and to our fellow members, thank you for the opportunity to continue celebrating and supporting those with whom we share such a wondrous profession. There could be no luckier person.


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