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'D-Day' lifts indoor mask duty... Take off at supermarkets, schools, and gyms

From the 30th, the obligation to wear a mask will disappear except for some facilities such as public transportation and hospitals.

According to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters, from this day, wearing a mask is, in principle, left to the individual.

Following the lifting of the outdoor mask-wearing obligation in May of last year, the indoor mask-wearing obligation was also lifted, and the government-level mask-wearing obligation introduced in October 2020 as a COVID-19 quarantine measure has disappeared after 27 months.

Although risk factors such as the spread of foreign countries such as China and the influx of new mutations still remain, the resurgence of Corona 19 in winter has passed its peak and has entered a downward trend, and the number of severe cases and deaths has also stabilized. It is the government’s judgment that the environment has become possible.

With this measure, masks can be removed in most places, such as multi-use facilities such as large marts, department stores, and shopping malls, and educational and childcare facilities such as schools, kindergartens, daycare centers, and academies.

It is not necessary to wear a mask at places where you take public transportation such as subway stations, bus stops, and airports, exercise facilities such as gyms and swimming pools, and senior citizen centers.

Even in places where the obligation to wear a mask is maintained, it is not necessary to wear a mask in a single room in a hospital or in a private space in an infection-prone facility.

Instead, wearing masks indoors has been maintained in some places with a high risk of infection, such as medical institutions, pharmacies, facilities vulnerable to infection, and public transportation.

Infection-vulnerable facilities include nursing hospitals, long-term care institutions, mental health promotion facilities, and welfare facilities for the disabled. Public transportation includes route buses, railways, urban railways, passenger ships, chartered buses, taxis, and aircraft. Since kindergarten or school commuting vehicles are also included in chartered buses, the obligation to wear masks is maintained.

In addition, each local government or facility may prepare guidelines to wear a mask.

In order to prevent confusion, the quarantine authorities instructed places where masks are worn to be 'wearing compulsory facilities'.

In addition, quarantine authorities are ▲ in case of suspected COVID-19 symptoms or in contact with a person with suspected symptoms ▲ in the case of being in a high-risk group or in contact with a high-risk group ▲ in case of contact with a confirmed case within the last two weeks ▲ in the case of three densely populated areas (close, dense, If you are in an indoor environment ▲ It is strongly recommended that you wear a mask when there are many acts of generating droplets, such as shouting, singing, and talking in a crowded situation. [yonhap news]

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