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Counting Leaves Solo Exhibition by Alonsa Guevara

Since Tashkeel opened its doors 15 years ago, it has facilitated residencies for 80 artists, curators and designers from over 30 countries, offering practitioners time and space away from usual surroundings and obligations to embark on journeys of personal growth and professional development.

Through her practice, Chilean-born, New York-based artist Alonsa Guevara questions notions of womanhood, identity and belonging while embracing the connection between humankind and nature. Her main inspiration derives from the experiences of living in three different countries (Chile, Ecuador, USA), and is especially impacted by the formative memories of her childhood spent living in the rainforest with her family.

Alonsa has spent the last 10 months in residence at Tashkeel, researching, experimenting, creating, teaching and engaging with the UAE’s creative community. For her first solo show outside the Americas, she has created a substantial new body of work exploring correlations between the natural world and human behaviour. Conceived and created in Dubai, each work is a testament to the universal power of nature and its instinctual, irrevocable bond with humanity. Inspired by the seemingly contrasting arid and tropical environments of the Middle East and South America, Alonsa explores a common natural heritage and examines the integral role trees play in the ecosystem of shared dependence evolved over millennia.

From the ghaf to the olive, the pomegranate and fig, Guevara portrays each tree, plant and fruit imbued with symbolism that resonates across continents; representations of peace, stability, friendship, loyalty, prosperity, well-being and everlasting life – shared signifiers that transcend time, place, cultures and creeds to unite humanity. In ‘Counting Leaves’, the artist invites us to be present; to look beyond the superfluous distractions of the urban metropolis and reflect upon one’s profound connection to the natural world.


Exhibition Opening

26 February 2023

Gallery hours

27 February – 25 April 2023


Alserkal Avenue - Warehouse 58


Counting Leaves | Exhibition-related Activities


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