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CEO of F(x)Technology Limited UK, Adrian Ching The Man Behind the Next Phase Web3 Smart Mobile Phone

Adrian Li Mow Ching is an investor, entrepreneur and co-founder / CEO of Fx Technology group, a technology hardware business with HQ in London, UK. He holds a Master Degrees in Telecommunications from University College London and previously held director positions in consulting with companies including Accenture & UK’s leading telecoms providers.

His strategic foresight and acumen have delivered measurable outcomes across a wide variety of sectors. His previous tenure at Accenture and Telecoms has seen him successfully drive substantial transformations to enhance profitability and efficiency, presenting a proven track record of delivery and execution.

Currently navigating the realm of Web3, Adrian is at the forefront of smartphones and decentralized wireless, exploring ground breaking ways to leverage blockchain technologies for consumer technology and devices.

His passion for creating new consumer tech that adds value to the user experience show promising potential for high growth. From startups to large corporations, Adrian's impressive track record speaks volumes of his ability to thrive in any environment and lead with unwavering determination.

Fx Technology is up and coming award winning UK London based company focussed on Web3 and other specialised offerings. Core products are latest, pioneering end user devices for Decentralised Wireless (Helium Projects) and Web3 technology, these include smartphones with integrated Web3 tech for blockchain with next gen integrated security.

Fx Technology’s mission is to craft technology with meaningful functionality. Under the business there are several product brands; F(x)tec and Linxdot that focus on smartphone with functionality, Web3 and manufacturing. They are at the forefront of Web3 consumer devices that support blockchain for large scale adoption and are strategic hardware partners with leading L1 blockchain projects.

As pioneers in the smartphone and Web3 industry, Fx Technology is passionately dedicated to enhancing user experiences and pushing boundaries. The company is also leading the charge in developing innovative, high-quality smartphones with physical keyboards that enhance the user experience.

Fx Technology products resonate with users globally, particularly among those who value productivity and those who yearn for the tactile precision of a physical keyboard.

The commitment to continual innovation and user-centric design puts F(x)tec in a prime position to capture a significant market share. With a strong foothold already in Europe and USA, F(x)tec is on track for further global expansion.

About Linxdot

Linxdot was established in 2021 with the goal of becoming a leading player in the world of Web3 and decentralised wireless technology. At Linxdot, they are inspired by the Helium project. They believed that by creating a company focused on building decentralised wireless infrastructure, they could help shape the future of the Internet and contribute to the growing movement. The company’s mission is to make decentralised wireless accessible to more people around the world and to empower individuals and communities to take control of their own connectivity.

F(x)Tec is 93% owned by experienced founders with strong track record & global team who were ex-Accenture, Blackberry, Google & Ingram Micro, the company is currently looking out to find growth partners for strategic alignment and funding.

To date Fx Technology has shipped over 50,000 devices globally with features in major tech media and awards for devices.

Here’s what something to watch out for, the launch of multi-network decentralised wireless and Web3 smartphone that they are working on in collaboration with multiple eco-system partners.

F(x) Technology’s future roadmap of devices includes exploring new areas of innovation for example, gaming and CDBCs with a long term goal of creating of Web3 & Blockchain devices for mass adoption.

Their offices in London & Taiwan. The UAE is opening soon and willing to relocate the business to UAE for broader Middle East exposure and capturing the Blockchain Users in the region.

Adrian Li Mow Ching envisions a future where the intersection of smartphone technology and Web3 revolutionizes the way we connect, communicate, and conduct business. As a dedicated tech entrepreneur, his vision is to seamlessly merge these spheres, creating an ecosystem where decentralized, blockchain-based applications are as accessible and user-friendly as the smartphone in your pocket. He foresees a world where the empowerment and autonomy offered by Web3 are available to all, regardless of their tech-savviness. By bringing Web3 to the smartphone platform, he aims to make it as integral a part of our lives as sending a text or making a call.

In the pursuit of this vision, Adrian seeks to challenge norms, constantly innovate, and disrupt conventional wisdom, just as he's done throughout his storied career. His ultimate goal is to democratize access to decentralized technologies, fostering global connectivity, engagement, and equality.

As he embarks on this ambitious journey, Adrian Li Mow Ching stands guided by a principle that has underpinned his every endeavours: to create technology that is not just powerful and progressive, but also intuitive, inclusive, and fundamentally human.


Kings College London - KCLEA Engineering Medal award for best Graduate project for Bachelor degree

University College London - EPSRC scholarship award for doctorate, 2001

GB Mens Dragon Boat team - European Championships 2012, Mens 500m, Gold. World Championship 2011, Mens 1000m, Bronze

F(x)tec Pro1 - TechnoBuffalo Award for Best device of MWC2019

The success of PRO1 Linxdot related stories released via USA TV Interview:

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