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Celebrating Excellence: The Business Lady of the Year Summit 2024

May 18, 2024, the prestigious “Business Lady of the Year” summit was held at the Palazzo Versace Hotel, under the patronage of the office of Sheikh Tahnoon bin Saeed bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan. The event saw Mr. Zulfiqar Ghadiyali, the Executive Director of the Sheikh's office, grace the occasion alongside Mrs. Mubarakka Ghadiyali, a founder of the Commission of Peace at the UN University for Peace and one of the nominees for Business Woman of the Year.

The summit attracted influential personalities from various fields, including lawyers, doctors, fashion designers, UN representatives, government officials, and representatives from international investment companies focused on ESG-led sustainability projects. Among the distinguished guests were internationally acclaimed pop stars Suzan Najm Aldeen and Reda Abdullah.

The event was organized by Veronica Huseynli Ahmed, Mrs. Universe Middle East and co-founder of MRS Organizing, along with Wasim Mandil, a Guinness World Records nominee and owner of MMM Company. The summit received widespread media coverage, supported by journalists from both electronic and print press worldwide, including the UAE Press Media.

Three main panels were featured at the event:

  1. Women Empowerment: Speakers included Mubarraka Lokhandwala Ghadiyali, Claudia Pinto, Rasha Feidi, and Svetlana Maksimets, who passionately discussed women's rights and their role in shaping our collective future.

  2. Global Sustainability: Led by esteemed speakers such as Dr. Stephen Michael Meade, Muhammad Zahidul Haque, and Mona Hussain Ali.

  3. Investment and Projects: Natalia Belinskaya and Mariya Spartalis spoke about the significance of women-led projects and sustainable growth.

H.E. Zulfiqar Ghadiyali delivered a compelling speech about the crucial role of women in society and the importance of investing in women-led projects to achieve gender diversity and parity in business and the workplace. He emphasized the need for climate-led investing for long-term sustainability and positive peace.

Dr. Stephen Mead, Head of Sustainability and ESG Finance, gave a powerful keynote address on women in business and gender diversity in the workplace. Claudia Pinto, founder of Women Empowerment in the Middle East, highlighted the vital role of women in business and the development of sustainable partnerships to realize the UAE's vision of becoming the leading smart country with clean and green energy and the highest happiness index globally.

The main nominees for the Business Summit included:

  • Mubarakka Ghadiyali - Ambassador of UN University for Peace

  • Claudia Pinto - Head of Philanthropy Advisory for Sheikh Marwan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum

  • Rasha Feidi - Goodwill Ambassador for Global Peace AUGP ORG (UN affiliate)

  • Venera Saferbekova - Journalist and PR Specialist

  • Maria Spartalis - Banking and Finance Expert

  • Sofiya Shamuzova - Founder of Stars Home Group and Casa Shamuzzi

  • Nada Al Barazi - International Art Artist

  • Liudmila Strelsova - Investment Analyst and Business Advisor

  • Mona Al Mansouri - International Fashion Designer

  • Jennifer Mcshane Bary - Owner of JMB Project Management

  • Natalia Belinskaya - President of Pandora Advisory Switzerland

  • Hanan Al Nuaimi - Writer and Novelist

  • Esra Nur Turker - TV Presenter and Owner of Atana Tour

  • Saimure Duolikun - Owner of SD Luxury Magazine

  • Mona Hussein Ali - Founder of Naturally Number One Cosmetics

  • Alia Al Shilli - Media Consultant

  • Safa Selmi - Owner of Safa Dream Salon

  • Zeinab Alsaadi - Omani Media Ambassador

  • Nesreen Mohsen - Fashion Designer of Palmthreeh Brand

  • Dr. Arij Albandari - First Iraqi Ambassador in Energy Science

  • Ritu Chaturvedi - Art Therapist for the Disabled

  • Harjyot Oberoi Bohra - Media and Communication Leader

  • Jihane Marouf - Humanitarian Volunteer against Breast Cancer and Actress

  • Huiam Marghani - Owner of Meme Beauty Brand and Jewelry Designer

  • Sara Yassin - Ambassador of Sudanese Fashion in UAE

Dr. Jean Shahdadpuri, Managing Director of the Nikai Group of Companies and founder of Ardent Healthtech, was also present.

The summit's sponsors included JMB Project Management, Cratos Carbon Company, 515 Boutique, Oud Tahnoon, Fawah, For Ever 18, Safa Dream Salon, Naturally Number 1, Casa Shamuzzi, Stars Dome Group, Pandora Advisory, and Alandalus Studio LLC.

The evening featured a classical music performance by saxophonist Halina Fralova, a sumptuous gala dinner, and an award ceremony recognizing the outstanding contributions of businesswomen from various sectors. The event also showcased rare artifacts and jewelry from renowned brands such as Mozafarian Jewelers.

Special thanks were given to Ahmed Alsadr, owner of DGN News, for facilitating the organization. The event was documented by photographers from Alandalus Studio, Mikhail Yekim, and Wael Eletr, with production support from Pixel Media.


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