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Build Goal Provide Health, Wealth, Happiness

Dubai hosted a wonderful event - Build Goal health celebration for the 1st Annual Ceremony. This iconic American company based in Los Angeles, California, unveiled its latest scientific innovations that enable the whole world to explore the future and chart their path to a healthy life. The Company also works to enhance the performance of their vital functions to prevent health issues, utilizing cutting-edge technology & products backed by over 20 international scientific & authority certificates. Build Goal has chosen Dubai, an inspiring city, as its regional headquarters in the Middle East. Placing human health at the forefront, Build Goal has invested in numerous creative minds. The CEO, Mr. Jafar Jafari, manages the headquarters in California; the North American Ambassador, Mr. Ehsan Jafari, in Toronto, Canada; Mrs. Nafas Yegane serves as the Asian-European company’s ambassador in Istanbul; and Mr. Mohammad Mahdi Raoufi works as the Eurasian Marketing Strategy Consultant. Mr. Sajad Yarahmadi serves as GCC Marketing Strategy Consultant, along with Mr. Ali Zamani, the Build Goal health ambassador for the gulf region. The ceremony commenced with the presence of the rich intellectual from around the world, led by Sheikh Majid bin Rashid Al Mualla. He expressed great admiration for Build Goal Health’s achievements, positioning the group as a leader in health care. Sheikh Majid also conveyed gratitude for selecting the United Arab Emirates as the regional headquarters in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, ruler of Dubai Who emphasize medical’s tourism significance. This move opens avenues for fruitful cooperation with the distinguished Build Goal Health. The brilliant Presenter Wassim Mandil, accompanied by Miss Europe, Nijra Birisk, excelled in meticulously organizing the event. They host Miss Arab World, ChorouK Shalawati, the Build Goal Health Brand ambassador for the Arab world. ChorouK Shalawati delivered a powerful message to the world, The iconic presenter Tony Khalifa, warmly discussed the technology’s importance alongside doctors, thinkers, media professionals, and healthcare enthusiasts. They expressed profound admiration for Build Goal Health’s achievements, which hold significant weight on the global health scale. Dubai the world's pearl. Inaugurated the event by hosting the Build Goal regional center in the Middle East. The city facilitated face-to-face meetings live from Los Angeles, Toronto, European Istanbul, and Asian Istanbul. The meetings included all Build Goal global group ambassadors and decision-makers who welcomed guests to the grand ceremony and invited them to upcoming conference. Notably, the conference will take place in Las Vegas on the first and second days of next December, coinciding with the United Arab Emirates National Day founded by His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Please visit our website :


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