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Bingyols Art 2023

VENUE: Raffles The Palm Dubai

1. Introduce about Bingyols Art Galleries & Auction House

My name is Asia Bingyols I'm founder of first Armenian auction house, international art galleries located in Moscow and Dubai, art academy and Royal Art Club. Also I'm author of the book "How to Buy and Sell Art" art was always my passion, I graduated Moscow State University in major of museum and gallery management, Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York and also studied Art in Los Angeles. I converted my passion into my lifetime journy and since my studying times start organising events and exhibitions, discovering all fields in art and now I do teach how to find your own pathway in art world and make your collection and artwork to grow.

2. What is the vision and purpose of this exhibition?

The Culture Bridge project is a link between ART BUSINESS AND EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE Through art evnets we are uniting diffrent countries, cultures, brands, projects and people from various fields and backgrounds. Our goal is to connect people around the world through art, help them to discover countries, cultures and traditions. By virtue of art, people acquire good connections, new ideas, friends, partners and create some new business projects.

3. What is your biggest motivation for doing a collaborative exhibition with artists of different nationalities?

I believe that art has no borders and limits, it has no nationality and religion. Art is a form of love that’s why I always present multinational artists during our events and as a collection in my galleries. In “Cultural Bridge” exhibition you can see artists from UAE, Armenia, Russia and many other continents and countries.

4. What is the passion and driving force that continues art? And what is the biggest aspect of yourself you want to express through art?

Art for me is everything. I dedicate my life to my passion. In my opinion art is the way to discover the world, cultures and express your feelings. Art is the timeline of the artists life and the form of expressing your feelings and the energy. I'm expressing through Art my passion towards life. I love to travel and anywhere I'm traveling to my first destination is the Artists’ studios. I believe that this is another way you can discover the world via Artist's vision and energy which they do express on canvas through the art. Moreover, if we go back to the life where there were no iPhones and any gadgets we do remember that Art was the form of history transmission. Artists were drawing portraits, expressing each personality with special colours, techniques that they felt wound match the personality of the person. Same were with landscapes and still life. Right now we can take the picture of everything we can see, but still photos don’t give us the same energy that the artworks do.

5. As UAE is a country where over 200 countries come together, I believe that cultural exchanges between various nationalities are very meaningful. Are there any concrete plans for artists from more nationalities to participate in the next collaboration exhibition?

Yes, me and my team always discover new artists. We are open to collaborate with artists from different parts of the world. Our gallery and auction house is already working with museums, art collectors and artists from different countries but we never stop to discover for more and more to present them to the world! We are happy to live and work in multinational country where is easier to find talents from all over the world! This year and in upcoming one we do prepare a lot of interesting events and exhibitions stay turned and we are looking forward for your particapaion and visit!


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