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09 MAY 2022, DUBAI, UAE: Electric Pawn Shop, a hedonist, exotic,

dystopian counter culture Asian Mediterranean bar restaurant inspired by

the 70s Chinatown of New York is now open at The H Dubai Hotel this May.

The concept is the brainchild of two like-minded friends and

entrepreneurs, lifestyle creator and bar mastermind Lynn Lin and

cultural innovator and music professional, Lobito Brigante - both

globally acclaimed and respected in their arenas.

Electric Pawn Shop is the successor to Electric Bing Sutt, created by

Lin in Lebanon which won Best Bar in Africa and the Middle East 2019 in

The World's 50 Best Bars. The bar saw an abrupt demise as the Beirut

explosion in 2020 devastated the venue in its entirety. Using their

combined creativity, expertise in music and entrepreneurship, Lobito and

Lin team up to rise from the ashes of the fate of Electric Bing Sutt,

and converge counter culture, underground music, contemporary design,

innovative drinking and dining experiences into Electric Pawn Shop.

Inspired by one of the oldest Far Eastern businesses brought into New

York, Electric Pawn Shop is the certified broker of counter culture in

Dubai, bringing a multilayered authentic experience and defying generic

standard nightlife expectations.

Drink aficionados may indulge in inventive cocktails like 'Shanghai

Superfly' and 'Straight Outta Malacca' as well as new wave natural vino

by Foradori and Orin Swift. Meanwhile, signature dishes such as the

'Pattaya Disco Prawn,' 'Sizzling Muay Thai Ducking Noodle,' and 'Lucky

777 Beef Volcano’ are sure to entice even the most discerning foodies.

“I want to innovate and create the next generation of bars and

restaurants that would showcase contemporary Asian counter culture,

food, drink, design and lifestyle. I believe that other cultural

cuisines have seen modern interpretations, and it is clear there is a

huge scope in the Asian category to transcend. We’re challenging the

status quo of bar lifestyles one shop at a time, starting with Electric

Pawn Shop.” states Lynn Lin, Co-Founder of Electric Pawn Shop.

Eclectic underground music surrounds the venue, delivering funk-laced

beats from different genres played through a top-of-the-line custom

built sound system. Curated by Lobito Brigante, Electric Pawn Shop has

established a music program that will showcase both emerging and

world-renowned artists, producers and musicians to give the venue a

fresh take for guests to enjoy every flavour of food, drink and taste in


“Since I started creating concepts in the UAE, my goal has always been

to bring an innovative, authentic and culturally disruptive experience

to Dubai. The majority of places just offer more of the same generic

formulas and for me personally this is a huge step to create a counter

culture venue and, through our neon haze, match world class music

selection and skills to a global standard of bar culture,” says Lobito

Brigante, Co-Founder of Electric Pawn Shop.

Embodying its eccentric nature in its decor, the Electric Pawn Shop

space features fragmented concrete island bars, a neon-lit stainless

steel Asian pavilion hanging by a giant indoor construction crane, a

massive collection of curated rare original vinyl records, a glass brick

centre stage DJ booth, neon-lit water tank art piece, intimate red

velvet couple seats, an indoor amphitheatre, sci-fi style cocktail

laboratory and street photography showcasing iconic New York Chinatown


Keeping the spirit of a tight-knit community close to the heart,

Electric Pawn Shop offers its vibrant space as a platform to serve

unique and culturally-fuelled nightlife offerings in an atmosphere that

highlights the attractive Asian mystique with New York's effortless

coolness. In the long run, Electric Pawn Shop aims to establish the most

creative Asian themed hospitality brand growing from the Middle East to

the rest of the world that advocates a daring attitude, an independent

style and a distinguished originality, beginning the movement by

displaying the bar’s immersive counter culture and savvy drinking and

dining experiences, one revolutionary pawn shop at a time.

Electric Pawn Shop is open everyday from 6:00pm till late at the Ground

Floor of The H Dubai Hotel. Say hello to Electric Pawn Shop on social

media: @electricpawnshop. For reservations, call 0505865510, or

email To know more, visit


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