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Anna's Interview

1. Introduce yourself

I'm Annette Solana, and I'm honored to serve as the Brand Ambassador for the World Fashion & Arts Business Forum. Beyond this role, I'm a facilitator, presenter, and interviewer. My journey has been shaped by a rich background in people management and business consulting.

2. What was your story of becoming a Brand Ambassador of World Fashion & Arts Business Forum?

My journey to becoming a Brand Ambassador of World Fashion & Arts Business Forum for arts business events has a unique origin. Prior to this role, I had the privilege of crossing paths with the forum's owner, Lana Verina. Lana is not only aware of my professional background but also knows about what I like to call my "superpower."

Given this, Lana invited me to take on the role of Brand Ambassador, knowing that my unique set of skills could contribute significantly to the success of the World Fashion & Arts Business Forum. This includes ensuring that the event is thoroughly and thoughtfully covered, allowing its essence to shine through and reach a wider audience.

My mission as a Forum Brand Ambassador is to illustrate the intrinsic connection between business acumen and artistry. Often, designers possess tremendous creativity but grapple with the strategies to engage their audiences effectively and market the results of their creativity. Leveraging my experience in consulting and the corporate world, as well as my understanding of how to unearth one's mission (unpacking individual identity), I aim to foster profound connections with the desired audience. This, in turn, can enable these creative minds to flourish within the broader business landscape.

3. How did you come up with the idea of becoming a Brand Ambassador for arts business events?

The idea of becoming a Brand Ambassador stems from my own experiences working in large corporations, where I frequently witnessed the tremendous pressure placed on women regarding their appearance. In the quest for success, I, too, found myself conforming to a more masculine dress code. In this process, I realized that women often sacrifice their true selves in the pursuit of success. We have our unique leadership styles, and we should shine, bringing our innate beauty into the world.

I believe that authenticity and self-expression are pivotal to one's success. As a Brand Ambassador, I aspire to celebrate authenticity, especially among women, and to inspire them to embrace their true selves. I advocate for the idea that success isn't about conformity but about finding one's voice and radiating one's unique essence. This message aligns perfectly with the World Fashion & Arts Business Forum's ethos, making it a privilege to represent this platform.

4. What is the most important factor for you as a Brand Ambassador in this community?

The most crucial factor for me as a Brand Ambassador in this community is to serve as a catalyst for change. I see my role as an opportunity to inspire individuals, especially women, to embrace their true selves and realize their full potential. Authenticity is at the core of my mission, and I believe that by celebrating and promoting authenticity, we can create a more inclusive and empowering community within the World Fashion & Arts Business Forum.

I also place great importance on fostering meaningful connections and collaborations between brands and content creators. These partnerships have the potential to drive innovation and elevate the industry as a whole. As a Brand Ambassador, I'm committed to facilitating these collaborations and ensuring they thrive.

5. What advice would you give to young people, and which business skills would you recommend for them to become successful?

To young people embarking on their professional journeys, I would offer this advice: Embrace your authenticity unapologetically. Your unique perspective and individuality are your greatest assets. Don't be afraid to be different or challenge the status quo. Success is not just about conforming; it's about finding your voice and making your mark.

In terms of essential business skills, I recommend developing strong communication skills. Effective communication is the foundation of building relationships and collaborating with others. Additionally, adaptability and a willingness to learn are crucial in today's ever-evolving business landscape. Finally, never underestimate the power of networking. Building a strong professional network can open doors and create opportunities you may have never imagined. [GulfKoreanTimes]


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