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50th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade...Biden "Continues to Protect Women's Options"

On the 50th anniversary of the so-called Roe v. Wade case that recognized the right of American women to have an abortion, President Joe Biden reiterated his emphasis on women's right to choose.

President Biden issued a statement on Jan. 22 saying, "Instead of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade of the Supreme Court, we recognize that the Supreme Court took away the constitutional rights of the American people last year."

Roe v. Wade recognized the right of American women to have an abortion in 1973 as a right to privacy protected by the 14th Amendment. Later, in 1992, the right to abortion was recognized as a freedom protected by the 14th Amendment.

But the Supreme Court, which reshaped conservative-dominated during the previous Donald Trump administration, overturned it last June. The U.S. Constitution cannot be said to implicitly guarantee a woman's right to an abortion.

The Supreme Court's decision became publicized when Politico first obtained and reported on the draft Supreme Court opinion, and it has since emerged as one of the biggest issues in November's midterm elections.

President Biden had pledged to codify abortion rights if he won the November midterm elections after the draft opinion letter was leaked. But Republicans controlled the House majority in November's midterm elections.

President Biden said in a statement earlier in the day, "Since the Supreme Court decision, Americans have made their voices heard every time. Women should be able to make very personal decisions without political involvement."

"But Boxer and Republicans across the country continue to push for a nationwide abortion ban, criminalize doctors and nurses, and make access to contraception more difficult."

President Biden called the move "dangerous, extreme and uncontrollable" and said, "I will continue to fight to protect women's right to choose."

"Congress must restore Roe v. Wade protection as a federal law, and that is the only way to ensure full women's right to choose in every state." [Newsis]

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