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Thu, 04 July


Vox Cinemas, Yas Mall

The 8th Korean Film Festival Returns to Abu Dhabi

The 8th Korean Film Festival Returns to Abu Dhabi
The 8th Korean Film Festival Returns to Abu Dhabi

Time & Location

04 July 2024, 7:00 pm – 07 July 2024, 11:00 pm

Vox Cinemas, Yas Mall, Yas Mall, Yas Island, Located on Level 2 Next to the Food Court - Yas Island - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

About the Event

Featuring 8 diverse arrays of Korean films, this festival marks a long-awaited return to Dubai after the last event in 2017

The 8th Korean Film Festival, organized by The Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the UAE and the Korean Cultural Center, is making a grand return to Abu Dhabi and Dubai this July. This marks the first Korean film festival in Dubai since 2017. Film enthusiasts will have a unique opportunity to experience a diverse array of Korean films at VOX Cinemas, Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, from July 4 to 7, and at VOX Cinemas, Dubai Festival City Mall, from July 12 to 14.

This year's festival theme, "freedom" will be explored through a variety of genres and time periods, offering something for every taste. Audiences can look forward to a selection of fantasy, comedy, historical drama, mystery, musicals, and independent films.

Historical films such as "Road to Boston", "Noryang, Deadly Sea", and "Hero" will vividly depict the Korean people's quest for freedom, while contemporary films like "Dream Palace", "Love Reset", and "Sleep" will tackle modern societal challenges and the resilience required to overcome them. Films like "Pororo Movie: Dragon Castle Adventure" will provide laughs for children, and "Alienoid Part 2: The Return to the Future" will offer fantasy thrills for adults.

Korean cinema has garnered significant recognition and adoration among UAE audiences, making this festival a perfect opportunity for local fans to gather and enjoy these cinematic gems amidst the summer heat.

Mr. Lee Yong-hee, Cultural Attaché of the Korean Embassy, expressed enthusiasm about the festival's return, stating, "We are thrilled to bring the Korean Film Festival back to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This event not only showcases the rich and diverse storytelling of Korean cinema but also strengthens cultural ties between Korea and the UAE. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating freedom through film."

The 8th Korean Film Festival promises to be an unforgettable experience, celebrating the spirit of freedom through the lens of Korean filmmakers. Tickets are priced at 35 AED and can be purchased on the VOX Cinemas official website, and more details can be found at

1. Road to Boston (Opening Film)

KANG Jekyu | 2023 | 108 Min | 12 | Drama

Abu Dhabi: 4 July, 7 pm / Dubai: 12 July, 3 pm

“Our country has been liberated! Our records should be too!”

After setting a new world record and winning the gold medal in the marathon at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, SON Kee-chung covered his chest with the laurel wreath on the podium while the Japanese anthem played. From this incident, he emerged as a national hero to Koreans but was banned from running under Japanese oppression. In Seoul, 1947, after Korea's liberation from Japan, SON appears to SUH Yun-bok, a hopeful known as ‘the next SON Kee-chung’ in marathons. Suddenly, SON asks SUH to participate in the Boston Marathon. To regain the glory of the Berlin Olympics that had been accredited to Japan, SON proposes they run with the Korean flag across their hearts for the first time! Korean marathoners, who can't even afford a pair of sneakers, start off on an unforgettable journey to Boston, USA.

2. Love Reset

NAM Dae-joong | 2023 | 119 Min | 12+ | Comedy

Abu Dhabi: 5 July, 5 pm / Dubai: 12 July, 5 pm

Despite heavy opposition from their families, Jung-yeol and Nara succeed in getting married through the sheer power of love. Fast forward two years, and the two are leaving the courthouse after receiving a 30-day divorce settlement period when a car accident causes them to lose both their memories. The amnesia-stricken couple quickly fall for each other again, and their family members devise an elaborate 30-day plan to help them recall their memories and complete the divorce.

3. Noryang: Deadly Sea

KIM Han-min | 2023 | 153 Min | PG-12 | History, Drama

Abu Dhabi: 5 July, 7 pm / Dubai: 12 July, 7 pm

After seven long years of war, the Koreans can finally heave a sigh of relief in 1598. With his last, dying breath, old Toyotomi Hideyoshi orders the retreat of the Japanese fleet out of Korean waters. But Admiral Yi, chief commander on the Korean decks, is not one to let the enemy slip away to their wives, children, and homeland without one final, spectacular ass-whooping. The resulting game of advanced Battleship sees scheming and clever diversions galore on both sides, with royal amounts of shameless deceit and betrayal. Admiral Yi surely wouldn’t have said no to a couple of drones to help him make his tough decisions, seeing as he had to make do with a single Japanese turncoat to spy on the enemy fleet.

4. Pororo Movie: Dragon Castle Adventure

KANG Seung Hun, YUN Jae Wan | 2022 | 70 min | G | Animation

Abu Dhabi: 6 July, 3 pm / Dubai: 13 July, 3 pm

Arthur, the dragon king, rules the kingdom selfishly by turning away from the people and eventually becomes a powerless little dragon. His power is sealed in a red jewel called ‘Dragonheart’. After a long time, a wizard Ged appears to Arthur to release his curse and restore his strength. But, Arthur is deceived by Ged’s lies and is robbed of Dragon castle by him, and flies away with Dragonheart into the Porong Porong forest. Arthur meets Pororo and his friends. But suddenly, the Dragonheart is absorbed by Crong, and Crong becomes a giant dragon.

*The film is screened in collaboration with Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).

5. Sleep

YU Jason | 2023 | 94 Min | 15+ | Mystery

Abu Dhabi: 6 July, 5 pm / Dubai: 13 July, 5 pm

Hyun-su and Soo-jin are newlyweds. Seemingly out of nowhere, he starts talking in his sleep. “Someone’s inside.” From that night on, whenever he falls asleep, he transforms into someone else with no recollection of what happened the night before. Soo-jin is overwhelmed with anxiety that he’d hurt her family while she sleeps and can barely sleep a wink because of this irrational fear. Despite sleep treatment, Hyun-su’s sleepwalking only intensifies, and she begins to feel that her unborn child may be in danger...

6. Hero

JK YOUN | 2022 | 120 min | PG-12 | Musical, History

Abu Dhabi: 6 July, 7 pm / Dubai: 13 July, 7 pm

Ahn Jung-geun, a commander in the Korean Independence Army, leaves behind his country, his family, and his mother, Cho Maria. Ahn Jung-geun and his comrades cut off the last segment of their ring fingers as a symbol of their dedication to liberate their nation and as a solemn oath to kill Ito Hirobumi, a man at the center of Japan’s occupation of Korea, within three years. To keep his oath, Ahn Jung-geun arrives in Vladivostok. Meanwhile, Seol-hee, the independence fighters’ informant, disguises herself to get close to Ito Hirobumi.

7. Dream Palace

KA Sung-moon | 2023 | 112 min | PG-12 | Drama, Independent

Abu Dhabi: 7 July, 3 pm / Dubai: 14 July, 3 pm

Hye-jeong, who lost her husband in an industrial accident, moves into a sparky new town apartment called Dream Palace. However, things go awry when a construction defect occurs in her unit. To scrape up the cost of repairs, she joins the discount promotion of the apartment. But her neighbors ostracize her for devaluing the apartment. To protect the unit, she purchased as the exchange for her husband’s life, she dives into the demonstration once more.

8. Alienoid Part 2: The Return to the Future

CHOI Dong-hoon | 2024 | 122 min | 12+ | Fantasy, Action

Abu Dhabi: 7 July, 5 pm / Dubai: 14 July, 5 pm

"I must go back, in order to save everyone!"

Ean has become trapped in the distant past while trying to prevent the escape of alien prisoners who are locked up in the bodies of humans. She eventually locates the Divine Blade, which can open a door through time, and sets off to find Thunder in order to return to the present. Meanwhile, Muruk, who helps Ean escape various predicaments, is unnerved when he begins sensing the presence of a strange being in his body.

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