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WCH Royal Summit Unite Global Leaders, Corporate Sectors, And Experts in DUBAI, UAE

Dubai, UAE - June 19, 2023 - The World Humanitarian Summit (WCH) is pleased to announce its Humanitarian Investment and Forum, held yesterday June 18 2023 at the prestigious Pullman Hotel in Dubai, UAE. The event brought together world leaders, traditional leaders, corporate sectors, industry experts, and academic professionals to discuss and collaborate on advancing humanitarian interventions founded by Queen Maria Leonora Torres- the Royal Maharlika and the Creator of the Greatest Humanitarians of the World and the WCH Royal Maharlika Summit.

The WCH Royal Summit is a platform for stakeholders from various sectors to address critical global challenges and develop innovative strategies to alleviate human suffering and promote sustainable development. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, the summit aims to create a unified front in addressing humanitarian crisis and enhancing the impact of interventions worldwide.

At the heart of the Royal Forum is the recognition that addressing global challenges requires concerted efforts from diverse entities. By bringing together world and traditional leaders, corporate sectors, industry experts, and academic professionals, the summit seeks to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the formation of partnerships that drive effective and sustainable humanitarian action.

Participants engaged in panel discussions, keynote addresses, and interactive sessions led by esteemed speakers who have demonstrated expertise and commitment to humanitarian causes. The summit's agenda encompassed a wide range of topics, including Women in Leadership: Breaking Barriers and Empowering Change, Education and : Unlocking

Opportunities for All, Mental Health: It’s Role in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals and Combating Climate Change: The Role of Individuals, Companies, Communities and Organizations

In addition to the thought-provoking discussions, the WCH Royal Summit hosted a Trade and Art Cultural Exhibit, showcasing innovative products, services, and initiatives that contribute to humanitarian efforts. This exhibition provided an opportunity for organizations and businesses to showcase their contributions, network with like-minded individuals, and explore potential collaborations for future endeavors.

This has been recognizing the “Men and Women of the Year, UAE’ and giving “Royal Maharlika Awards” in celebration of Global Humanitarian Excellence in the fields of Philanthropy, Diplomacy, Governance, Business, Arts and Culture. Convener:

Led by HRH Maria Leonora Amor Torres, Queen of Maharlika, Princess of Calabarzon and Founder of We Care for Humanity, Royal Maharlika and Creator of WCH Royal Summit with international royals, world leaders and dignitaries:

His Majesty Salem Abdulaziz Mastura Kudarat V- Reigning 25th Supreme Sultan of Maguindanao

His Excellency Professor Ivo Josipovic- 3rd President of Croatia

His Excellency Filip Vujanovic- 1st President of the Republic of Montenegro and 3rd President of Montenegro

His Royal Highness King Mwogezi Butamanya- King of Buruuli, Uganda and Chairman of the Uganda Cultural Kings’ Forum

His Royal Majesty King Nana Akomanyi Essandoh V - Ruler of Gomoa Odumase Ghana

H.E. Sheikh Mohamed Hassan Al Mehairi

Her Royal Highness Souma Sisowath- One of the Princesses of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Dr. Udit Raj- Chairman, Unorganized Workers Congress, India

Dr. Chenraj Roychand- Chairman and Chancellor of Jain University

Her Royal Highness Princess Febraida Mastura Matalam- Royal Princess of Maguindanao

Her Royal Highness Princess Ispandaria Mastura Sangki- Secretary General of the Sultanate of Maguindanao

Her Royal Highness Princess Harjida Mastura Karon- Bai Laga sa Maguindanao

Her Royal Highness Princess Jasma Mastura Karon- Raja Bai sa Maguindanao

Dr. Tariq Ahmed Nizami- Founder,CEO Clubs Network Worldwide

Rinpoche Phurba Dorjee- Founder of Zamling Buddha Foundation

Reverend Pastora Rizaline Irene Torres Pascual- Assistant Head Minister of Jesus Our Great Savior (JOGS) Church

Reverend Pastor Gabriel Pascual- Vice President and Head Minister of Minister of Jesus Our Great Savior (JOGS) Church

Mr. Ferdinand Torres- Brother of Queen M

Mr. Tsering Gurung- Nepalese businessman

Local personalities:

Yaqoob Al Ali- Exe. Director & Private Advisor-Office of Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum

Yousif Naeemat- Discover ME Publishing

Misook Jung of Gulf Korean Times

Maggie Wilson

Tim Connor

Glorianne Montefrio-5G Project for meaningful discussions and collaborations during the summit.

The WCH Royal Summit invited leaders, experts, and stakeholders from around the world to join this transformative event and contribute to the collective effort to address humanitarian challenges. In this avenue; Networking,Fashion, Ceremony, Art Exhibit by Queen M, Awarding and Knighting were witnessed together to create lasting change and shape a more resilient and compassionate world from Mindanao-Philippines to the World.

The summits are held in different nations and encompass the different advocacies of both organizations in order to create a larger impact to humanity.

For more information and to register for the WCH Royal Summit, please visit the official website at

About the World Humanitarian Summit:

The WCH Royal Summit is conglomeration of flagship events of WE CARE FOR HUMANITY and the ROYAL MAHARLIKA organizations created by the founder, Her Royal Highness Mariam Amor Torres, Queen of Maharlika International and Princess of Calabarzon of the Royal Sultanate of Maguindanao.

For more information, please visit


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