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The Story of Kimich & More

1. When did you first stablish your company kimchi and more? Is the company your first experience with Korean foods?

Kimchi and more was stablished at the very beginning of covid pandemic June 2020 by me and my Korean teacher Lee Hyeyeon together to help promote Korean food culture in the region by having halal Korean cuisine concept. It is our very first experience with Korean food hence we couldn’t get exposure due to the pandemic were no events happened to participate in. We decided to start with an online store, delivery apps, and meal kits to be delivered all over the UAE and we got various positive responds. Slowly we were able to collaborate with many cafes to sell our food next to their coffee and dessert to get a better understanding of Korean food culture in UAE. Additionally, we conduct cooking classes such as the making of kimchi, kimbap, japchae, even handmade kalguksu from scratch. Were our customers can see and get exposed to the ingredient we use for their orders at the same time they can understand the culture better and love Korean food more.

2. What was your motivation to understand more about the Korean culture and more specifically learn to make Korean food?

I personally fell in love with Korean food at first sight, the simple fresh ingredients and spices used in the dishes and its aroma spreading in the air while walking in the street and markets in Korea and visiting various markets, eating in restaurants, and experience it myself motivated me. I would ask myself “why don’t we this in the UAE and for letting my people experience it the way I am experiencing it? why should I enjoy it by myself while I can bring the same experience in the UAE and spread the taste and deliciousness of the food I had?” Korea is a huge country, and every region has its own special dish which makes me curious and want to try them all. Therefore, yearly I travel to Korea and visit different cities and try variety of food they have and its surprisingly delicious and unforgettable flavors, it’s flavors that cannot be easily found anywhere, which makes it unique and what keeps making me want to learn more about Korean food culture and how to make them.

3. With so much happening in this month of international food in Dubai, and the success generated with mustB, what future plan you have for your company?

After almost 1 year and half the struggle with promoting our brand, we decided to get the courage and reach out to the Kpop idol’s agencies whom were having concert and events in Dubai to cater for their backstage meals while they rehearsal and there will be no worries regarding their food, knowing Kpop idols and how specific they are with their food and diet. We catered for stars such as: Zico, Loco, Sik-k, The Rose, Dawn, Ph1 Harmony and more .. This wasn’t the first time we cater for the kpop idol MustB, we did their meal at their very first concert in Dubai and they were so touched by the gesture. And to our surprise for their second visit to Dubai, they personally requested us to cater for them once again. In addition, they were looking forward to have an activity with cooking Korean food in Dubai and that’s where we helped them to achieve that. Thanks to all this events, and exposure happening at this moment, we are getting lots of offers from outside of the UAE region to promote for Korean food culture at upcoming events in countries such as: Romania, India etc… At this rate we wish to take kimchi and more globally and to be able to promote the love of Korean food and culture under the name of our brand in other countries. Our goal is not to sell Korean food but to sell the Korean culture. Hopefully one day in the near future to have kimchi and more academy were everyone can join and learn the Korean food history and culture done by passionate students like me whom loves Korea a lot.


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