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'The Glory' peek and ratings... Seo Kyung-deok "Stunned"

Regarding the illegal distribution of the Netflix series "The Glory" starring actor Song Hye Kyo in China, Sungshin Women's University professor Suh Kyung-deok called for a thorough crackdown by the authorities and insisted that the Chinese media also publicize the issue.

On 9 September, Professor Suh criticized the situation through social network service (SNS) that "illegal distribution of Korean contents has become a daily occurrence in China," adding, "However, it is more surprising that they do not feel any shame."

"(China) uses the portrait rights of Hallyu stars who appeared in dramas at will, makes and sells fake goods, and uses them as a profit structure," he said, pointing out that "they are even sneaking and rating them proudly."

Currently, on Douban, China's largest content review site, "The Glory" has a rating of 8.9 (out of 10). Considering that Netflix is not officially available in China, it is likely that you watched it illegally.

"The authorities have not (cracked down) even though they know it," Suh said, adding, "From this year, we must learn to respect other countries' cultures first and show them through our actions."

He also emphasized that "China's state-run media, such as the Global Times, should report on what is wrong with this 'thief viewing' so that illegal circulation can be eradicated."

On the other hand, "The Glory", which was released on March 30, tells the story of a woman whose soul is shattered by violence as a child and risks her life to take revenge, and immediately after its release, it became popular, ranking third in the non-English TV category on Netflix. Part 1 of "The Glory" has now been released, and Part 2 will be released in March. [JunJaShinMoon]


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