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Qatar's 'World Cup Confidence' Expands Influence in Sports by Investing in EPL

After successfully hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar is expanding its investment in English Premier League (EPL) teams to expand its influence in the sport.

According to the Financial Times (FT) on the 15th (local time), Qatar is actively moving to invest in the EPL to diversify the country's economy that relies on energy exports, such as oil and gas exports, and to expand the power of "oil money" in sports.

Qatar Sports Investment (QSI), the subsidiary of Qatar's sovereign wealth fund, the owner of French Ligue En powerhouse Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where soccer god Lionel Messi plays, has been in contact with EPL clubs Tottenham, Manchester United and Liverpool to discuss possible investments.

QSI is also reportedly interested in various sports such as Padel and Formula One, which are sports that mix squash and tennis.

An official familiar with the sports world said: "There is a new strategy (by the authorities) to spur huge investments after the World Cup." He added that it is unusual for people to show interest in investing in such a variety of sports.

QSI chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi told the FT in November last year that PSG, which he currently owns, will be worth 4 billion euros (about 5.36 trillion won) in future contracts.

If Qatar's capital enters the EPL, its influence will be even greater, the media said.

However, he also predicted that in order to avoid ownership conflicts with PSG, the EPL would make a small investment.

Among the people of Qatari and football fans, the decision to invest Qatar's capital in the EPL, the most popular soccer league in the world, has been positive in many respects.

As the UAE's relationship with the EPL has strengthened since the capital acquired EPL club Manchester City in 2008, Qatar's investment in the EPL is generally positive. [News1]

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