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The holy month of Ramadan has begun, and Muslims around the world are joyfully celebrating with their families and friends, while also reaching out to neighbors, especially those in need.

Among these celebrants is an Emirati who observes Ramadan in a unique manner, not only by embracing its spirit but also by sharing Emirati culture with those who may be new to the Ramadan experience.

Noora Almenhali, the head of TEKA (The Emirati Korean Group), has put together a special RAMADAN GHABGA event on 21st March in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center in Abu Dhabi.  

TEKA is a group aimed at fostering cultural exchange between the UAE and Korea. Its founder, Noora, established the community to share her love of the Korean culture and now she's actively learning Korean, eager to enhance cultural exchange between the two countries.

This unique RAMADAN GHABGA event is exclusively for ladies, who are invited to attend free of charge. Participants can look forward to enjoying Korean board games, trying out traditional Korean snacks, decorating Ramadan-themed cupcakes, and watching a Korean comedy film together. To add to the exclusivity, attendees are encouraged to wear Jalabiya or their own stylish pajamas.

Mr. Lee Young Hee, the Cultural Attaché for the Korean Embassy in Abu Dhabi, extends gratitude to TEKA for collaborating on this event. This partnership not only helps Korean residents in the UAE better understand Ramadan culture but also creates an environment for cultural exchange and mutual appreciation.


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