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President Biden posts almost 5-minute clip of BTS meeting

A longer video of BTS's meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden on June 4 was posted on the president's Twitter account, four days after the Korean boy band's visit to the white house.

On May 31st, BTS gave a speech on anti-Asian hate crimes in the White House's press room and met with Biden in private afterwards. A one-minute clip of the meeting was posted on the same day.

"The rise in anti-Asian hate crimes requires all of us to stand up, speak out, and give hate no safe harbor," the President posted on Twitter Saturday alongside the video clip that's almost five minutes long. "Thanks for all you're doing . It matters." In the beginning of the video, Biden is seen turning on the band's hit song "Butter" to try to make the members "feel at home." The members were filmed as they walked around the White House, gave their speech in the press room and shared their own experience.

"As South Korean artists and someone who witnessed transcending barriers such as languages and cultures while traveling abroad or saw [our music] reaching many people worldwide on a tour, we wanted to talk about the power of diversity," said Suga during an interview in the video. "We hope there will be more positive cases that differences bring people together." RM told Harris that they are using their "voice" to give back all the love they had got from the fans all across the world. "We feel happy to help make a positive impact and we feel the great responsibility at the same time," said RM during an interview in the video. [KoreaJoongAngDaily]


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