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Netflix sci-fi film ‘Black Knight' confirms May 12 release

Sci-fi film "Black Knight" starring Kim Woo-bin and Song Seung-heon will be released on May 12 via Netflix, according to the global OTT service platform.

Based on the webtoon “Delivery Knight” by Lee Yoon-kyun, published from 2016 to 2019, director Choi Ui-seok of “Cold Eyes” (2013) and “Master” (2016) tells a story of the Earth in 2071 hit by toxic air pollution. People rely on parcel delivery services for their basic needs and delivery drivers -- known as knights -- bring not only packages to people but also protect people from thieves.

Kim stars as a legendary knight called Knight 5-8, who meets Sa-wol (Kang You-seok), a refugee boy.

Song will play Ryu Seok, the sole successor to the Chunmyung Group, which dominates the world with its sales of oxygen.

Actor Esom stars as an officer in the Defense Intelligence Command who saves Sa-wol’s life and takes care of him like a family member, supporting Knight 5-8 in helping Sa-Wol become a knight. [TheKoreaHerald]

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