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Jung Woo-sung’s 'A Man of Reason' sells to 153 countries

Actor Jung Woo-sung’s directorial debut film, “A Man of Reason,” will be available at cinemas in 153 countries around the world, according to the distributor Acemaker Movieworks.

Jung directed and acted in the film, playing the role of protagonist Soo-hyuk. The movie is slated for release on Aug. 15 in South Korea.

“A Man of Reason” follows the story of Soo-hyuk, who has spent 10 years in prison in place of his gangster boss, Eung-gook (Park Sung-woong). After he is released from prison, Soo-hyuk tells Eung-gook that he wants to leave the gang and live an ordinary life after discovering that he has a daughter. Eung-gook feels betrayed and refuses to let Soo-hyuk leave. Instead, he orders another member of the gang, Seong-joon (Kim Jun-han), to get rid of Soo-hyuk. Actors Kim Nam-gil and Park Yoo-na star as contract killers.

Following the movie's release in Korea, the film will be available in countries like France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the US, Japan, Russia, India, Singapore, Taiwan and more, according to the distributor.

Another film distributor, Moviecloud, which sold Korean films like “Roundup: No Way Out,” “Decision to Leave” and “The Point Men” to Taiwan, said the film’s stylish action sequences will grab Taiwanese moviegoers’ attention. US distributor Epic Pictures and French distributor Swift Production also touted the film’s immersive plotline and Jung's high-quality work as both an actor and a director.

Last year, the film has been invited to global film festivals including the 47th Toronto International Film Festival and the 55th Sitges Film Festival in Spain. The film also received an award at the 42nd Hawaii International Film Festival in November. [TheKoreaHerald]

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