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Human Rights Group "Iran executes at least 55 people this year for 'hijab protests'"

At least 55 people have been executed this year in Iran, where mass anti-government "hijab protests" have taken place, claims have been made.

According to AFP on the 27th (local time), the Norwegian-based human rights organization Iran Human Rights (IHR) said it had confirmed at least 55 executions in Iran through the 26th of this year. It also claimed that at least 107 people charged with anti-government protests were sentenced to death and at risk of being executed.

The IHR executed the execution in the process of creating an atmosphere of fear to quell anti-government protests sparked by the death of a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by police in Tehran last September for not wearing the hijab properly. pointed out that this has increased. "All executions in Iran are political," the IHR said, "and their main purpose is to create fear and fear in society."

Mehmoud Amiri Mogadam, head of the IHR, stressed that "any executions, political or non-political, must be unacceptable in order to stop Iran's 'execution machine'." At the same time, he called for attention to the inhumane situation in Iran, saying, "The lack of attention from the international community risks lowering the political cost of executing protesters."

Meanwhile, Amnesty International issued a statement on the same day and said that three young men sentenced to death for destroying government buildings and other infrastructure and inciting arson during anti-government protests in Mazandaran state last September were flogged and electrocuted while in detention, death threats, sexual assault, and other horrific tortures.

Amnesty reported, "Javad Ruhi, 31, was tortured accompanied by sexual violence, including having her testicles iced. Mehdi Mohammadipard, 19, was confined in a solitary cell infested with rats for a week and sexually assaulted, requiring hospital treatment for rectal bleeding." he said. "Arsia Takdastan, 18, was beaten and threatened with death, with a gun pointed at his head in front of a video camera, and threatened with death if he did not confess," it said. [Hankook Ilbo]

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