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Expo City Dubai to launch first ever Dhai Dubai light art festival in January 2024

The inaugural light festival takes place at Expo City Dubai from January 26 to February 4, 2024

DUBAI, 04 January 2024 — The Dhai Dubai light art festival is set to launch in Expo City Dubai and illuminate Al Wasl Plaza in January 2024. Running from January 26 to February 4, 2024, the festival will unveil a radiant cultural experience that bridges art, culture, and the profound influence of light. Organized by Expo City Dubai, in strategic partnership with AGB Creative, curators and designers of Vivid Sydney, and the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), this inaugural event promises to rekindle the spirit of Al Wasl with creativity born from the hearts of Emirati artists participating in Dhai Dubai. Drawing its essence from Al Wasl's enduring values — inclusiveness, a rich cultural tapestry, knowledge, authentic cultural expression, universal humanity, and insatiable curiosity — these values will infuse every facet of the festival, creating an atmosphere of unity and wonder.


Dhai Dubai light art festival unfolds under the insightful curatorial guidance of two distinguished figures in the realm of art and design. Amna Abulhoul, an executive creative director and passionate advocate for Dubai's culture, joins forces with Anthony Bastic AM, an internationally acclaimed luminary known for his work with Vivid Sydney. Together, they have woven their combined vision and expertise into the festival, crafting not just a visual spectacle but a thoughtful celebration of Dubai's spirit and heritage.


Dhai Dubai goes beyond mere illumination; it's a profound recognition of our innate radiance. One of the festival's primary objectives is to nurture local talent in the medium of light art, providing a platform for Emirati artists to showcase their work to a global audience. We are committed to mentoring emerging talents and advocating for their well-deserved recognition on the world stage.


Dr Saeed Mubarak bin Kharbash, CEO of the Arts and Literature sector at Dubai Culture, affirmed the Authority's commitment to supporting initiatives that enrich the local cultural and artistic scene, stating: “The Dhai Dubai light art festival, with all its enchanting cultural experiences, embodies our strategic partnership with Expo City Dubai. It underscores Dubai Culture's commitment to enhancing cultural tourism in Dubai by encouraging creatives and artistic talent to present works that reflect the Emirate's creative identity, values, and heritage. It also provides artists with the opportunity to express their relationship with the city, their ideas, and diverse perspectives related to the Emirati culture, aligning with Dubai Culture’s goals of encouraging a creative environment that fosters innovation in the cultural and creative industries.”


Executive Creative Director at Expo City Dubai and Curator Amna Abulhoul, said: "Dhai Dubai light art festival is a canvas for our city's heartbeat, revealing intricate stories behind mesmerizing art. Each piece echoes an artist's journey, etched in light, forming a luminous symphony where emotion meets artistry. Al Wasl Plaza, the festival's heart, becomes a pulsating epicenter, transcending visual beauty. We celebrate not just art, but stories – personal journeys, cultural heritage, and profound inspirations. This narrative celebration defines the Dhai Dubai light art festival, an ode to stories shaping us through light. It's a tribute to our nation's soul, showcasing vibrant stories defining Emirati identity. Each beam, each color, a chapter in our shared dreams. Here, in Al Wasl Plaza, we illuminate not just art, but Dubai's spirit, the pulsating stories shaping us. This festival is a pledge to empower local talents, providing a luminous stage for Emirati artists to cast their brilliance across the global canvas. We are devoted to nurturing emerging talents, fostering a spirit of pride and nationalism as their stories unfold in the global spotlight,” she concluded.


Co-curator of Dhai Dubai light art festival and Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director of AGB Creative, Anthony Bastic AM, echoing this sentiment, adds, "Dubai is a city that opens its arms to all, and in that spirit, we extend an invitation to residents and global visitors alike to share in this celebration of culture. The Dhai Dubai light art festival transcends visual aesthetics; it's a deep dive into the soul of a nation, an exploration of its stories, and a heartfelt tribute to how light influences life.


The festival not only illuminates Al Wasl Plaza but also offers captivating experiences beyond the radiant installations. Engaging workshops for both children and adults will delve into the fusion of art and light, fostering creativity. Stimulating panel discussions with local and international artists will enrich the festival, providing diverse perspectives on the interplay between art, culture, and light. Adding to the enchantment, specially curated dinners will introduce a magical dimension, blending culinary delights with the mesmerizing atmosphere of the light installations.


Dhai Dubai promises an enchanting experience that celebrates the beauty of light, culture, and artistic expression. Join us in January 2024 at Al Wasl Plaza as we illuminate the heart of Expo City Dubai and spark inspiration across the globe.


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