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Expanded investigation as sponsor of military service broker includes son of athlete, rapper, and la

While the prosecutor's office and the Military Affairs Agency are conducting a joint investigation into "false epilepsy (epilepsy) military service irregularities," they are also expanding their investigations into military service evaders who tried to evade military service through their brokers.

According to the legal profession on the 21st, the Seoul Southern District Law dismissed the arrest warrants of two men in their 20s accused of violating the Military Service Act on the 18th.

Earlier, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Department's 5th Detective Department (Chief Park Eun-hye) requested an arrest warrant, believing that they were trying to lower their military service grade by posing as fake epilepsy patients, and that there was a risk of destroying evidence, such as strenuously denying the allegations. It is the first time that prosecutors, who have formed a joint investigation team and launched a large-scale investigation of military misconduct, have attempted to recruit a client rather than a broker.

However, after conducting a pre-arrest interrogation (substantive examination of the warrant), Chief Warrant Judge Kwon Ki-man said, "It is difficult to see the necessity and substantiality of detaining the suspect at this stage." Chief Judge Kwon found that there was substantial reason to suspect that they had committed the crime, but given the uniform housing and the evidence already collected, the interrogation attitude, and the family relationship, it was difficult to conclude that there was a fear of destruction of evidence or escape.

Prosecutors are expected to continue their investigation into the allegations that each of them had a history of working in a gang or illegal loan business, as well as the circumstances under which they introduced military service brokers to their neighbors.

Prosecutors arrested Gu (47), a military service broker who helped evade military service by diagnosing false epilepsy on the 21st of last month, on charges of violating the Military Service Act, and are speeding up by arresting Kim (38) who is suspected of using the same method on the 9th.

Dozens of clients who have tried to exempt or reduce military service through them are also on the investigation line. Cho Jae-sung (28), a member of the professional volleyball OK Financial Group, and a player from the professional soccer K League 1 (Division 1) have already been summoned as suspects and investigated. Recently, rapper Ravi (real name Kim Won-sik, 30), who belongs to the idol group VIXX, was also reportedly named as a suspect, which is causing a great stir in the entertainment industry.

In addition, the prosecution reportedly caught the circumstances under which the son of a lawyer who is a former chief judge and now belongs to a large law firm escaped military service with Gu's help. [SeoulShinmoon]

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