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EXO's Chen to hold wedding ceremony in October

Chen of boy band EXO will hold his wedding ceremony in October, three years after he announced his marriage in 2020.

"Chen will hold his wedding ceremony in October, which he has not been able to hold due to his circumstances," SM Entertainment told the Korea JoongAng Daily on Wednesday.

Korean media outlets reported Wednesday that the singer, a father of two kids, will hold his wedding ceremony in October, inviting family members, close friends and members of EXO.

Chen and SM Entertainment announced in January 2020 that he and his girlfriend, who was pregnant, will tie the knot. He had his second baby in 2022.

Chen will also drop his first Japanese solo album “Polaris” on Thursday.

The album will feature a total of six tracks, including lead track “Light Of My Life,” “Break Out,” “Free World,” “On the road,” “Mirage of Flower” and “My Sunshine.”

The six tracks in the album will be in a variety of genres, according to his agency SM Entertainment.

“The album compares the journey of life to a road trip, and Chen sang the different feelings people face in their life’s journey,” the agency said.

“The lead track ’Light Of My Life,” features the message of ‘finding the light of hope within the journey of life,” it added.

Chen will also kick off his Japanese tour, “Polaris,” starting with a performance in Nagyoa on Saturday, followed by performances in Yokohama, Osaka, Oyakama and Kitakyushu.

Chen debuted as the lead vocalist of EXO in 2012. [KoreaJoongAngDaily]


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