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Emirates Publishers Association Showcase Literature at the 2023 Seoul International Book Fair

Emirates Publishers Association showcases Emirati literature and culture at the 2023 Seoul International Book Fair

Sharjah, 16 June 2023: The Emirates Publishers Association is participating in the 2023 Seoul International Book Fair, an esteemed event that has selected the emirate of Sharjah as its guest of honour for this year’s edition scheduled from 14 – 18 June. Collaborating with four distinguished Emirati publishers within the prestigious Sharjah pavilion, the association aims to acquaint local publishers with the dynamic Korean publishing market and open avenues to broaden their horizons in Korea and the broader East Asia region.

The EPA will be hosting Abdullah Al Kaabi, founder of Dar Al Ramsa Publishing and chairman of the board of directors of the EPA; Amira Boukadra, founding partner of Ghaf Publishing Company and Vice-Chairperson of the EPA board of directors; Rashid Al Rahmani, founder and CEO of Arab Comics; and Shaima Al Marzooqi, representing Dar Altafarud Publishing Services. Each of the four publishers will present a selection of the most prominent titles in their respective fields of knowledge.

New Horizons

Rashid Mohammed Al Kous, the Executive Director of the EPA, recognizes the participation of Sharjah as a guest of honour as an exceptional opportunity to showcase and celebrate the UAE publishing industry’s global achievements while fostering cultural cooperation between the UAE, South Korea, and East Asia. The Seoul International Book Fair, renowned as one of Korea’s longest-standing book festivals, is a dynamic platform where bookmakers, writers, scholars, artists, editors, and readers converge to exchange knowledge and information in this dynamic realm.

He asserted that the EPA’s participation in the book fair reaffirms its commitment to engage in international cultural events. This is consistent with its mission to support local publishers, equipping them with the resources to form new partnerships in distribution and translation towards cementing Emirati publishers’ position in the global publishing arena. Additionally, this involvement bolsters the visibility of Emirati and Arab writers in cultural forums worldwide and aids in introducing Arab creative works to Korean readers.

The Dynamics of the Arabic Publishing Market

Publishers participating under the Emirates Publishers Association pavilion will conduct enriching discussion sessions during the book fair. Notably, Abdullah Al Kaabi, Amira Bukadra, and Rashid Al Rahmani will participate in a session titled ‘Introduction to Arabic Publishing,’ moderated by Al Anoud Ali. This session aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the Arab publishing industry, touching on key statistics related to bookselling, importing, exporting, and other pertinent topics. The discussion will also offer a platform for speakers to share insights into challenges and opportunities in the Arab publishing market and exchange their industry experiences. Additionally, it will enable session participants to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the Arab publishing market, its cultural diversity, and the potential for growth and innovation within the industry.

Translation and Joint Publishing

The dialogue series will also host a session titled ‘Translating and Promoting Arabic Literature in Korea and East Asia,’ addressing the challenges and opportunities related to translating Arabic literature into Korean and vice versa. Furthermore, another session titled ‘Intercultural Cooperation and Opportunities for Joint Publishing’ will explore collaboration opportunities between Arab and Korean publishers to cultivate cultural exchange and publish books that captivate readers in both countries.


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