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Do you know the traditional Saudi dish 'Haris'?

The Food and Arts Committee under the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia has released the "Saudi National and Regional Culinary Narrative" to promote traditional cuisine and culture.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Culture and the Food and Arts Council on Jan. 16, the Saudi government will invest in the symbolic value of traditional food and actively promote it not only domestically but also overseas. Through this, it is the will to document and inherit Saudi culinary culture and protect the local food heritage.

It also plans to carry out various support projects and incentive programs to raise awareness of traditional cuisine.

As part of the announcement of the initiative, the Food and Arts Committee selected "Jareesh" as the Saudi national dish and "Maqshush" as the national dessert. These dishes have been transformed and evolved throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the generations, but they are significant in that they maintain their essence and connection to the community.

'Haris' has been popular in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since ancient times until now. Various Arabic heritage books contain references to the history of this dish and the background of its food culture. Related books record 'harish' as a dish made by women in the Arabian Peninsula who grind wheat by hand using a mill.

'Maqshush' is also a traditional staple food that is widely known throughout Saudi Arabia and is loved by locals. 'Maqshush' is a dessert made from flour dough in bite-sized pieces. Sprinkle butter, honey, molasses, and sugar on top. Although it is usually enjoyed for breakfast, it is also known as a snack to look for in cold or rainy weather. [Newsis]

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