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Celebrating Indo-Gulf Camaraderie: A Recap of the International Seminar on Friendship Banquet

The International Seminar on Indo-Gulf Friendship Banquet was jointly organized by the Organization for Commerce and Industry Forum and the Association for Economic Growth on January 18, 2024, at Hotel Holiday International in Bur Dubai, Dubai.

The event, skillfully orchestrated by Zafar Shamim, Secretary, and Rajeev Manchanda, Coordinator of the organization from India, showcased the participation of individuals with outstanding achievements in various fields such as business, journalism, poetry, education, and social activism. These accomplished personalities, hailing from both Dubai and India, shared their insights, and their contributions to economic growth were recognized with momentos and Certificates of Excellence.

The event boasted the presence of esteemed Special Guests of Honour, namely Mr. Peter Greecman, Mohd. Ahmed Awadhi, Mohammad Al Aidroos, Adv Ibrahim Khaleel Arimala, and Madam Misook Mia Jung. Congratulations are in order for the dedicated team, accomplished individuals, and the entire delegation for the success of this remarkable event.


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