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BTS’ V unveils ‘Love Me Again’ music video ahead of solo album release

V of the K-pop sensation BTS unveiled the music video for “Love Me Again,” one of the sidetracks in his upcoming first solo album “Layover,” on Thursday.

The music video for the R&B track, which accentuates V's low ethereal vocals, was filmed in a cave in Mallorca, Spain, according to Big Hit Music.

“The mystical vibe that the cave gives and V’s low and vibrating voice harmonized well to create a unique mood. The camera could only focus on V, the singer, and V with his new blond hairstyle filled the screen with his facial expressions and acting,” said Big Hit Music in a press release on Thursday.

The setting of the music video was staged as a live session with minimum lighting and video transitions.

The simple but sophisticated clip highlights V’s looks and the music itself, says the agency, adding that V, dressed in a gold sparkly outfit, was paying homage to the glam rock star David Bowie.

Part of the music video shows shots that look as if it was filmed with an old camcorder, an effect that helps express the longing for a past love, it said.

The chief producer of V’s first solo album is Min Hee-jin, the CEO of Ador which houses the popular K-pop girl group NewJeans.

V will drop the music video for “Rainy Days,” a track also in his upcoming album, on Friday at 1 p.m.

The album “Layover” is set for official release on Sept. 8 at 1 p.m. [TheKoreaHerald]


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