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'BTS Forest' created in Seoul's Nanji park

Melon, a local music streaming service, said Wednesday it has created a forest named after the K-pop supergroup BTS as part of its eco-friendly project.

Located in Nanji Han River Park in western Seoul, the BTS Forest consists of three fringe trees and 400 sacred bamboo trees, the service said, adding the trees were bought with money donated by its subscribers.

According to the service, when subscribers select their favorite singer's name on the project homepage, 2 percent of their monthly payment is saved as a donation. Once the donation reaches 20 million won ($16,762), it is donated to the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, which will then use the funds to create a forest named after the chosen singer in Seoul.

BTS became the first artist, among both domestic and foreign musicians, to exceed 20 million won in fan donations through the project last month. [TheKoreaHerald]

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