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A meeting of folk painting writers Kim Eun-hee and art with Korean culture and spirit!

After meeting Kim Eun-hee for the first time at the inauguration ceremony of Korean Art Contents in UAE held at Taskeel, Dubai's leading art education and training organization, in September last year, I finally met Kim Eun-hee and her folk paintings at the opening event of a group exhibition held by the Korean UAE Art & Content Association (KUACA).

Q. As I have experience as a founding member of the Singapore Folk Painting Association (SAMA), I would like to know how you feel about showing your work as a KUACA member for the first time in Dubai.

A. I was very lucky to get to know Minhwa and participate in SAMA during my extended overseas life in Singapore. I still vividly remember the resolution of Do Won-jeong, which I made when I founded SAMA with writers who studied folk painting together. Thanks to you, I was able to meet good teachers and continue my work activities. When I came to the Middle East alone and became lazy as I entered the seventh to eighth years of folklore, I met KUACA when I was skeptical that I could continue my folklore activities. They are all great artists who majored in art, and I was able to gain a lot of strength because they were considerate of each other and supported and encouraged me who started as a hobby. As soon as I joined the association, I was thrilled to participate in two exhibitions.

Unlike the Singapore Folk Painting Association, it was meaningful to be with artists from various fields, and I was really inspired by the artists' creative works because I valued tradition and focused on copying a lot. In particular, each and every artist gave me advice on the direction to move forward while looking at my work and gave me useful information, so I think I got a lot of help from being afraid of creation, which gave me another luck.

Q. As this exhibition is the first project-type exhibition designed by the Korea Art Contents Association to continuously discover Korean artists living in the UAE, I am curious about future challenges and plans in conveying folk paintings to foreign communities and artists.

A. Folk paintings are the most Korean and traditional, and each painting has a lot of meaning. Since Singapore is an Asian culture, there is a meaning that people who encounter folktales share to some extent with objects, animals, etc. without speaking low.

However, in the Middle East, people from the Middle East and the West encountered folk paintings, so their interpretation was very interesting. It's interpreted as something I didn't think of at all, and it was fascinating and fun. It was amazing that they also told me the original meaning. I think this is how we communicate through pictures.

I don't have any grand challenges or plans yet. However, I would like to expose many folk paintings and invite people to the world of interesting and interesting works such as Korean folk paintings, palace paintings, and folk paintings. To do so, I plan to participate in exhibitions and workshops frequently and have many opportunities to introduce folk paintings.

Q. You are currently conducting folktales classes, and I am also curious about the period, schedule, and place of the course.

A. When I came to Dubai, I never thought I would teach folklore to anyone. However, Singapore SAMA members and Korean teachers gave me a lot of courage, and I started to introduce fun and concentrating folktales among the boredom of migrant life. The class is a housewife class in the morning on weekdays and an office worker class in the evening, and it is a four-week course of three hours a week at my home. When I see the back of those who come late in the evening to focus on their paintings for more than three hours and leave with regret, I feel overwhelmed by the words like, "Concentration is healing."

Q. Do you have any plans for various cultural events where folk paintings can be more known to Korean residents?

A. I would like to introduce the wonderful folding screens of famous Korean folk paintings. Currently, an exhibition is being held at the Amore Pacific Museum in Seoul under the theme of "Joseon, Land of Folding Screen 2." I would like to inform Dubai, the hub of the Middle East, of the elegance and implications of the folding screen. The exhibition wasn't just for the artist to do it alone. I felt keenly that there should be an association and a medium to help together.

The first time I was surprised and moved by the support of the government (consulate). Thanks to this, many artists were able to participate in the exhibition with a comfortable mind and focus on their works. We ask for your continuous interest in the future.


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